Sunday, May 17, 2009

Book on Iraq in the time of conflict

What happens when a government is overthrown? How is new governing body developed? Finally, which rights of the people need to be preserved in the process of state building? Dr. Zakia Afrin's book Tranasitional Authority in Iraq: Legitimacy, Governence and potential Contribution to the Progressive Development of International Law, addresses these issues in the case of post conflict Iraq's developing governing body. The analysis focuses on the composition, legal authority, and the effectiveness of the transitional powers in Iraq. A key point of focus is the development of the people's rights during new government's formation.

This well researched book is a good guidence for students of international law and relations, and a practical tool for the international practitioners and political leaders in the exercise of government authority.

Zakia, a dear friend from Bangladesh is an adjunct professor of Law at the Golden Gate University in San Francisco, USA. An alumuns of the Hague Academy of International law, she has an LLB from Dhaka University in Bangladesh, LLM and an SJD specialising in public internatonal law from Golden Gate Univeristy. She is cofounder of the Southern Governance Reporting Group, a think tank analyzing governance in developing countries in the fields of energy, enviornment, minitory issue and conflict resolution.

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