Sunday, November 09, 2008

When Old Boys Met at JNU...

(In the first pic, 'Comrade in Arms', Former JNUSU President and now an Editor, Amit sen Gupta. In the second pic, JNU current students protesting at India Gate against Lingdoh Committee recomendations. On this Staurday JNU alumni, when they gathered for the first time in JNU, pledged their support to JNUSU. In the third pic, IBN7 Editor Ashutosh at ease on PSR rocks. In the fourth pic, musical programme at PSR Open Air Theatre in full swing. In the Fifth Pic, well known Scholar Namvar Singh with Old Boys of JNU. In the sixth Pic, Prof Sukhdeo Thorat, UGC Chairman receiving honours and in the end, noetd sufi singer Dr. Madan gopal singh singing Tere Ishq ne nachaya....A JNU Alumnus himself... Note-copyrights of the pics are with Blogger)

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